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The Top 16 Retail Discounts for First Responders

December 12, 2019

The Top 16 Retail Discounts for First Responders


First Responders are the truly inspiring heroes who respond immediately to emergency calls and arrive at the scene instantly for help. Their timely professional assistance makes them life-savers and our society would be in much trouble if there were no firefighters, military personnel, EMTs, rescuers and police officers. We owe them all and can never pay back for their selfless services. Their unmatched passion and dedication make them worthy of our respect, appreciation, love, and honor. First Responder Discounts recognizes their efforts and appreciates them for their incredible support and fearless services by making exclusive discounts available to them.

Along with many known vendors and brands whose offers you will found on our website, here are some of the top Retail discounts, exclusively for First Responders.

AC Lens

AC Lens, a columbus-based company regards the dedicated services of First Responders and proudly presents exclusive 15% discount on entire stock of eyewear, eye care products, lenses and glasses.


AFEyewear honors the selfless services of our national heroes and offers upto 50% discount on their entire range of eyewear.

Apple also stands with First Responders and appreciates them for what they do by offering exclusive low pricing on select range of products. acknowledges the unmatched passion and dedication of First Responders and offers them free audiobooks..

Black Helmet Apparel

Although, the company doesn’t offer career-specific concessions and special pricing but as it was established by a firefighter, the company does donate some percentage of their sales to firemen-related causes.


CARiD honors firefighters, policemen, Rescue personnel and EMTs for their heroic services. All First Responders can get special 10% discount on the automobile replacement parts and car accessories.


Columbia rewards the community heroes for their commitment, audacity and fearlessness by offering special 15% off accessories and apparel. proudly stands for our national heroes including police officers, EMTs and firefighters. All First Responders can enjoy a 5% discount on their whole range of sunglasses, contact lenses and prescription glasses.


Fanatics rewards First Responders for their unmatched passion, enthusiasm and dedication. These heroes like firemen, 911 dispatchers, correctional officers and EMTs can get exclusive 15% off sports gear, sports apparel and merchandise.


GelPro admires the selflessness and bravery of policemen, firefighters and EMTs and appreciates them by presenting special 25% off all their comfort floor mats.

Global Rings
Global Rings encourages firefighters for their fearlessness and self-sacrifice. They are presenting special discounts to firemen and their families on all their purchases.


Glock acknowledges the dedicated efforts and unwavering support of first responders. All the active and retired EMTs, firefighters and police officers can enjoy special discounts on the entire range.

Ironman Store

Ironman Store encourages our national heroes like firefighters, EMTs and police officers for their passion and courage. They are offering special 10% discount on their entire strock.


Jockey supports active and retired firemen, police officers and emergency medical technicians for what they do. They are offering special 10% discount on their entire stock of activewear, underwear and sleepwear.

JR Cigar

JR Cigar proudly honors First Responders for their self-sacrifice and incredible bravery. All community heroes can enjoy special discounts on their purchase here.


Leatherman recognizes the efforts and commendable services of First Responders like firemen and law officers, and thanks them by offering exclusive discounts on their complete range of products.



It takes a lot to be a First Responder. These national heroes compromise their own safety and run towards danger to help us stay safe. They deserve to be appreciated. In order to honor their selflessness and bravery, we, at First Responder Discounts are proudly presenting exciting offers and discounts. Sign up with us today and share our platform with fellow First Responders so that they can also enjoy unlimited discounts from different vendors. 



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How We Support First Responders and Local Vendors

October, 14, 2020

How First Responder Discounts Supports First Responders and Local Vendors

Imagine being the first one arriving at a crime scene, a burning building or a roadside accident. How terrible it would feel to be surrounded by blood and screams. Then having to keep your wits to help the survivors. 

Being a First Responder is not easy at all. It takes a lot of courage, dedication, and patience to serve humanity as a real-life hero. Firefighters, police officers, military personnel, and EMTs are the pillars of society who maintain a foundation of protection and public safety. Without them, there would be chaos, high crime rates, and more fatalities from medical emergencies. Simply put, they are the backbone of our community and each of them deserves respect for the sacrifices they make, recognition for their unmatched bravery, and appreciation to boost up their morale.


Why We Help First Responders

Risking one’s own life to help others is difficult and not everyone has that courage. The fact that our heroes put their lives on the line during their job, work under pressure, use quick assessment skills make them worthy of our support and appreciation.

They do so much for us and this time, we have decided to step up and ‘GIVE BACK TO THOSE WHO GIVE US SO MUCH’.


We at First Responder Discounts acknowledge the sheer dedication, passion, and committed services of these national heroes. In an attempt to thank them for their unwavering service, we have gathered together several vendors eager to provide you with discounts and deals on goods and services.

Who Do We Serve

We have designed this platform to BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN FIRST RESPONDERS AND VENDORS. Our goals are to serve both parties in two different, yet symbiotic ways. 

1. Ensuring First Responders receive the best discount offers out there.

2. Giving Local Vendors top-notch marketing services for free.


However, beyond that commonality, our motivations and intentions between how and why we help are different. Below are some of our reasons for helping both First Responders and Vendors.

How We Help First Responders

Many First Responders don’t get paid well, which doesn’t allow them to enjoy the luxuries of life. They spend all their time and energy to serve us and we feel it’s important to help them overcome some of the financial hardships that life can present. On our platform, the following professionals will find special discounted offers.

1. Firefighters

2. Police Officers

3. EMTs

4. Military Personnel


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What We Offer

We have brought a one-stop-solution for First Responders with the best discounted deals provided by vendors all over the United States. Whether you are an EMT or a firefighter, you will find several discounted offers presented by different vendors on our site.

Exclusive Discount Offers 

All First Responders, no matter what their age, nationality, or gender  will find exciting offers here. The best part is, they won’t have to search for different websites and waste time in finding discounts. Simply visit First Responder Discounts and explore the wide-range of offers provided by different reputed brands, all in one place.

What Makes Us Better

With the increasing awareness of sacrifices made by these dedicated heroes and rising competition amongst businesses, almost every brand is presenting discounts to First Responders. As the tight scheduling and challenging duties don’t always allow First Responders to spend their time finding discounts, our platform enables them to  find the most exciting offers from different companies.


> Free Sign Up

We aspire to help our life-savers as much as we can. As such, we will never charge them a fee for our services when they sign up with us. 


> Unlimited Offers

All First Responders who sign up will get instant access to offers page where numerous marvelous discounts can be found. They can use as many of them as they want. The page and discounts are updated regularly, with new brands and vendors joining every day. 


> Discounts from Your Favorite Brands

We want to provide all our First Responders with a hassle-free experience. If none of the offers presented on the platform interests our inspiring heroes, they can also request for vendors of their choice. They just have to name the vendors they want to receive discounts from and we will bring them onboard, exclusively for them.

Final Thoughts for Our First Responders

You deserve to be appreciated, and it is our goal to remind you of that. We salute your tenacity and strive to help you in every way possible. Bringing you great deals and discounts, we work hard to stand up for the heroes putting everything on the line everyday for our well-being.  


In addition to supporting First Responders, we like to believe our services also help the Vendors signing up with us. Here are just a few ways we perform in order to support the vendors willing to support our First Responders. 

How We Help Vendors

Growing competition in every field has made it crucial for businesses to improve their public image. No matter what business you’re in, if you want to make your mark, it is essentially important for you to build a good public image.  A positive brand profile with a  strong online presence is necessary to separate yourself from the competition. We know of no better way to improve your credibility than standing up for the most underserved in your community, and are happy to give you the opportunity to do so through First Responder Discounts. Every business can offer exclusive discounts to any and all of our First Responders. You can create local and national offers, and list as many offers as you want, absolutely free. 


In return for the customer base our heroes represent, we provide our vendors with numerous benefits that will help to acquire business goals. 

What We Offer

By listing your offers with us, we will provide you with a number of opportunities to market your products, seen below. 


> Brand Promotion


Sales promotions have always been an incredible way to spread brand awareness and increase sales. Free listing of offers on our platform will enhance your brand image By signing up with us, we will design creative and result-driven promotional campaigns for every brand that list offers through us. 


> Increase Traffic


All vendors who want to improve their online presence and become a preferred choice for their core audience should list their offers with us. We will market the products and services of all our vendors, for free. As a result, they will experience an instant boost in website traffic. 

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> Effective Advertisement

Online advertisement is a powerful tool to get increased traffic and improve your digital footprint. By offering discounts through our platform, vendors will get the professional help of marketing experts, free of cost. Tailored advertisements, exclusively designed per the vendor’s objectives, will leave a positive impact on business growth.

> Skyrocket Your Sales

Meeting sales target is one of the hardest things to do in any business. For both established and new businesses, out-of-the-box ideas are needed to entice your customers to make a purchase. With First Responder Discounts, companies won’t have to worry about sales anymore: We will market the brands for free, multiplying their revenue in a short time. 

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First Responder Discounts is aspiring to bring vendors and First Responders under one roof, providing both parties with plenty of benefits at absolutely no cost. All you need to do is sign up as a vendor or First Responders to start enjoying these perks. 



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The Top Hotel Discounts for First Responders

October, 15, 2020

The Top Hotel Discounts for First Responders 


First Responders are the real heroes who arrive at the emergency scene ready to help others. Their immediate response and timely help literally save lives. Without the professional assistance of EMTs, rescue team members, firefighters, police officers, and military personnel, our society would be a far more dangerous place. It is through their dedication, courageous service, and the sacrifices they make that we are kept protected and safe. They deserve our respect, honor, and love. First Responder Discounts acknowledges their efforts, honors them and rewards their selfless services by making the best discounted deals available to them. We work tirelessly to bring the latest deals and discounts to show our appreciation for our community heroes.


In addition to the many brands and vendors we showcase through our platform, here are some of the top hotels from all over the US who offer discounts exclusively to our First Responders. 


Choice Hotels

One of the largest hotel chains based in Maryland, Choice hotels honors First Responders by offering an exclusive 20 percent discount to First Responders on all their upscale and economy hotels.


Altoona Grand Hotel

Situated in Blair County, Pennsylvania, Altoona is perhaps one of the most all-inclusive hotels that provides comfortable accommodations with world-class amenities, and gives a 15% discount to First Responders and Army personnel.  



Located in Las Vegas, Harrah’s is best-known for its mesmerizing marina and delicious food, and proudly presents a 10% discount and other year-round offers to military personnel, EMTs, police officers, and firefighters.


Cheeca Lodge and Spa

Cheeca Lodge and Spa promotes luxury accommodations, world-class decor, and a range of amenities, rewarding the courageous services of firemen, EMTs, and other First Responders with a 10% discount all year long. 


Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is a world-famous hotel on the Strip in Las Vegas boasting elegantly styled rooms, premium quality food, and exceptional customer service. To show their appreciation to First Responders, they offer a special 10% discount on hotel reservations. 


People, Woman, Relax, Chill, Coffee, Couch, Window



Yet another famous hotel in Las Vegas, the Flamingo offers chic rooms, minibars, numerous entertainment options, range of dining choices, several amenities, and a 10% discount to all First Responders, ensuring a luxurious stay for an affordable price. 


Paradise Resort

With its calm surroundings, swimming area, family-friendly atmosphere, and several amenities, Paradise Resort is one of Minnesota’s premier options for hotel stays, and offers a 10% discount off their standard spring and fall rates for firefighters, police officers, military personnel, and their families.  


Grand Geneva

Grand suites, golf resorts, and world-class restaurants are just a few of the famous amenities offered by Grand Geneva. To show their appreciation to First Responders, Grand Geneva offers a special 15% discount to First Responders on overnight stays in one of their luxurious suites, new villas, and guest rooms, and a special 15% discount on the lowest available rate.


Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge is a popular family choice for those on a family vacation, as the water parks provide a great place for kids to play and parents to relax. Both retired and active-duty First Responders enjoy a 30% discount at many of their locations. 


Grande Shores

With mesmerizing beaches and modest accommodation at very affordable rates, Grande Shores doesn’t charge reservation fees and offers an exclusive discount on different room rates to our First Responders. 


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Disney Springs Hotels

With seven Walt Disney hotels at their disposal, the marvelous dining experiences, world-class spa treatments, and deluxe guest rooms make this resort a perfect choice for our First Responders, especially with a discount of 20% given to the military personnel at all seven hotels. 


The Cromwell

The Cromwell’s opulent and vibrant atmosphere, with the on-site Italian restaurant, world-class casino, and well-decorated rooms, creates a phenomenal experience that First Responders can enjoy at a 10% discounted rate with their reservation.  


Horseshoe Tunica

A modern hotel boasting a first-class experience, Horseshoe Tunica has everything, including a poker room, casino, restaurants, and 10% discount for our First Responders in thanks for their matchless services.


Tunica Roadhouse

With well-equipped suites for a relaxing experience, Tunica Roadhouse is among the best hotels and casinos located in Tunica. To show their support for First Responders, Tunica Roadhouse offers a special concession of 10 percent on reservation along with some exciting deals.


Hampton by Hilton

The chain of reasonably priced hotels with limited but high-quality beverages and food honors our national heroes for their tenacity and offers special hotel rates and exclusive benefits to First Responders.


Howard Johnson Hotels 

Howard Johnson’s is another America’s renowned hotel chains with several hotels and motel located throughout the US. First Responders can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay at any of their hotels with exclusive discounts.


Tropicana Las Vegas

Celebrated not only for it’s hotel, but other world-class amenities, Tropicana Las Vegas is a non-stop attraction providing unsurpassed dining experiences, fun-filled entertainment activities, and amazing customer service and is proud to present a special offer called a Hero rate, where military personnel, firefighters, rescuers, and police officers can enjoy exciting discounts a number of different packages and services.  


Prince Resort

With its ocean-front location in Cherry Grove, Prince Resort’s selection of spacious and well-furnished rooms boasting first-class decor and ambiance make it an excellent spot for First Responders to enjoy world-class accommodations through favorable discounts. 


Rio Las Vegas

Rio Las Vegas prides itself on a casino and hotel where every room is spacious and decorated, the entertainment shows are suburb, the spa is luxurious, and the outdoor pool promises relaxation. Honoring First Responders, Rio presents a special 10% discount on reservations in gratitude for their services. 


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A famous Las Vegas Strip hotel, LINQ is a preferred choice for many for a comfortable hotel stay. It offers a soothing experience that First Responders can enjoy with an exclusive 10 percent discount.


Seaside Resort

A draw for those who love sailing, swimming, and playing golf, Seaside Resort is a favorite choice for anyone looking for a coastal experience, and celebrates police officers by providing a special discount on the rates in celebration of their bravery and tireless service. 


Paris Las Vegas

Paris Las Vegas, a French theme casino hotel promises a memorable and exciting experience. Supporting First Responders, the hotel offers a special 10% discount on reservations in addition to some special deals, in regard to their heroic services 


Planet Hollywood Resort

Located on the Vegas strip, Planet Hollywood Resort is famous for its entertaining live shows, an upscale steakhouse, relaxing spa service and lovely ambiance. Encouraging First Responders, the resort presents a special 10% discount on reservations.



First Responders risk their lives for us. They go through a lot in order to fulfil the responsibilities of their challenging jobs. They serve our society with passion, tenacity, and courage; something we can never payback. However, we can show our appreciation and love for them by making sure they are recognized for the extraordinary service they provide. At First Responder Discounts, we are proud to present special discounts to First Responders, giving unlimited offers through our platform. If you are a firefighter, police officer, EMT, or in the military, sign up today, and spread the word to your coworkers and family, so they can enjoy these special deals as well. 


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